Monday, October 25, 1993

First And Last

by Michael Frayn

A screenplay about an old man who walks across the length of England.  It was fairly funny in the way screenplays can be, through description of visual humor.  It was also kind of touching, although I think it attempted too much psycho-drama for its length.

Friday, October 22, 1993

Native Stranger: A Black American's Journey into the Heart of Africa

by Eddy L. Harris

The author, an black American, travels through Africa. It is a triumph of superb writing and philosophical reflection. Quite possibly the best non-fiction book I have ever read. It is a travel book, but so much more not as much about Africa as people, skin color, race, generosity, need, pride, and everything else that makes people human. The description was incredible: I could put the book down for long periods of time, and when I started again was transported instantly back to where Harris was, with no gap in the experience. It is about the generosity of people who have nothing, the patient endurance of people who have been conquered. Finally, Harris' honesty was astounding: he described his neuroses about germs, his anger, his sadness, his happiness in South Africa which astounded him, the tyranny of black officials, his moments of luxury amidst poverty all this without flinching, clearly and calmly. A perfect travel book.