Monday, April 25, 1994

Good Omens

by Terry Pratchett & Neil Gaiman

Two respected authors, one in the realm of satirical fantasy, one in the realm of dream-like inspirational fantasy. Very funny, with educated, high-brow black humor. Not as brilliant as a Sandman comic, but enjoyable.

Saturday, April 16, 1994

The Greek Passion

by Nikos Kazantzakis
translated by Jonathan Griffin

An allegory for the death of Christ. Very Kazantzakian - full of pious sinners, unrepentant whores, sex, violence (two priests wrestle, very graphically, at one point), terrifying divine revelations, and so on. I liked it a lot. The Agha (a.k.a. the Pilate) was a great character. Again, Kazantzakis stresses the variety of paths that God stretches before us martyrdom, asceticism, domestic comfort – all, perhaps, equally valid.

four stars