Saturday, July 7, 2007

Fish! Tales: Real Life Stories To Help You Transform Your Workplace And Your Life

by Stephen C. Lunden, Harry Paul, and John Christensen

A self-help book for ailing companies that I read for work. Told as a rather sappy parable in an irritatingly simplistic manner, its message is composed of four parts. One, Choose Your Attitude: even if your career choices are sometimes limited, one can decide to act “world famous” rather than complain. Two, Make Their Day: do something to catch customers’ (or co-workers’) attention and give them something to remember. Three, Be Present: pay attention and act like it. Four, Play: have some fun at work. All of which boils down to: stop complaining and actually do your job. As usual with books intended for managerial types, there’s a few grains of inspiration here wrapped up in an insult to someone with intelligence.

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