Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Sweet Myth-tery Of Life

by Robert Asprin

The tenth Myth Adventures book.  Following immediately after its predecessor, M.Y.T.H. Inc. In Action, this book opens with Skeeve and the gang back in the kingdom of Possiltum, hanging fire while Skeeve frets over Queen Hemlock’s ridiculous “ultimatum” (marry her, or she will abdicate and give him the throne - which is (a) not Skeeve’s problem, (b) scarcely credible given what he knows about her power-hungry ways, and (c) an impotent threat even if carried out since he could just abdicate in turn, leaving her kingdom to some trusted ally).

While Skeeve whines, his friends give him various bits of advice about marriage, and the drinking problem he seems to have developed.  And there’s the usual tangents about such decidedly non-fantasy-setting themes as bookkeeping and, most incongruously, why it’s not so great to be a professional model.  (Asprin will pad these books with dialogues on anything.)  While it’s still amusing, in a groan-inducing kind of way due to wordplay, it lacks even the pretense of a plot, and with no action-related material of any kind, this is a rather low point in this by now moribund series. 

two stars

[Read three times: 8/4/94, 7/5/97, 1/25/12]

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