Sunday, May 21, 1995

Blandings Castle

by P.G. Wodehouse

Containing six stories about Lord Elmsworth and his woes, a story with Bobbie Wickham ("Mr. Potter Takes a Rest Cure") and five tales of what really goes on in Hollywood, as told by a Mr. Mulliner to people he knows only by what they drink.  The reading matter was very much Wodehouse, and made me laugh aloud several times, although somehow he never quite reaches the brilliance of the Bertie & Jeeves material when he writes about other characters.  Tangled plots, young couples that are forbidden each other, young couples who have the all-clear but break up, dominant sisters, etc.  I noted that the last story, "The Castaways," stood out as being very odd, much more fantastic than P.G.'s usual tone.

four stars

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